Jennelle Gordon


Jennelle Gordon is a multi-media artist, interdisciplinary strategist and entrepreneur.

Her mediums of focus include photo, music, & design with a special interest in the insights that lie at the intersection of culture, science & art.

Jennelle currently offers services in photography and web design. She also leads content strategy for client campaigns, partnerships & experiential activations at Ranaverse, an NYC agency .



Jennelle Gordon is a graduate of Cornell University where she triple majored in biology, anthropology and fine arts.

Concentrations within those majors included human behavior, ethnobotany, socio-cultural anthropology, and digital media.



Jennelle Gordon is a Afro-Antillean Panamanian immigrant, raised primarily in Georgia upon arrival in the United States.

As a child she was extremely inquisitive with periodic sprints of extensive research on random subjects and excelled as a student, musician, and athlete in school.

Jennelle currently resides in her minimalist themed Brooklyn apartment with pet plants. She loves to laugh, is big on personal development and can be found in the NYC art and music scenes in her spare time.