Conde Nast "Diversity In Fashion" Discussion

This event sparked a much needed discussion surrounding diversity in fashion among some of the leaders in the industry. Some of the most memorable conversations revolved around representation of minorities in the modeling world and gender/race specific obstacles in acquiring a seat at the table. One of the most important questions touched on the challenge of illustrating the importance of diversity to leaders in the editorial realm who don't see an issue with the lack of it at all.  Lastly, how progress with regards to diversity in the fashion industry could be measured also guided the direction of the discussion and helped us all brainstorm ways to hold ourselves accountable. Was honored to be among legends like Anna Wintour and Elaine Welteroth during this star studded event. Props to Conde Nast for actively creating a space for discussions like this to be had. 


Anna Wintour

Elaine Welteroth

Jim Nelson