Thanks, Giving.

I would like to to give thanks for fall. The only season that welcomes death and birth so ceremoniously at the same time. Leaves shed and dissolve into nutrients for the next generation to come. Late bloomers reveal themselves among dying counterparts. The start of winter is welcomed by an array of colorfully painted tree lined streets. Seldom do we antagonize over the end of fall like we do the end of summer. Fall takes, but it gives also. Each ending gives birth to a new beginning. Bittersweet indeed, but necessary nonetheless. Necessary for progress to be made. Necessary for internal evolutions to be had. Necessary for us to become more accepting of change. Rarely do we understand the timing of endings when they occur, but it always comes with time. When spring returns and we see the first shoots penetrate the soil to see sunlight, we understand. Only so much can be done to bring forth the present desired. The rest must be left to unveil itself in due time.