Incredibly comfortable knit skirt : Comfortable is actually an understatement. I would wear this all the time if I could because its literally a functional blanket. I loved it so much that after getting it I checked for the sold out grey version on ASOS everyday for weeks until my size was back in stock. Would have loyally done the same for any other colors as well. 

Color Block Top: Strikes the perfect balance between minimal and eye catching. Loved the linear dashes of color peeking through on this piece, a feature rarely found in the monochromatically dominated world of minimalist clothing. Also found the color blocking technique that spanned the shoulders and kimono like sleeves to be really unique.

Accessories: Continued the reoccurring motifs of lines and blocks with a squarely shaped clutch and heels that had thick linear straps.

Top: Asos 

Skirt: Micha Lounge 

Bag: Aldos

Shoes: Wild Rose

- Jennelle Gordon 

PC: Denisse Benitez